Helped aims to collaborate in delivering healthcare services through its stakeholders in order to improve and preserve human life.



Based on its Vision, Values and Principles and on the Individual and Collective commitment of all employees, HELPED aims to:

  • Provide healthcare units with qualified and suitable professionals according to their needs;
  • Meet the needs and personal goals of Health Professionals;
  • Comply with the needs of HealthCare Services Users, albeit in an indirect way;
  • Promote a service that addresses the immediate and specific needs of each client, adapting the number of professionals and costs to the income of each product or customer service.

In this common path, Helped specializes in the recruitment and placement of health professionals, offering a wide range of innovative, personal, customized and integrated solutions, throughout the health sector in Portugal.

Assuming a role as market leader, ensuring the reliability and confidentiality of its services based on ethics, integrity, professionalism and responsibility conduct.